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Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - February, 2017

Programs - February, 2017:
February 6, 2017 - This was the Club's Monthly Board Meeting . The Board Meeting Minutes were prepared and placed on the Club's blog for all members to review.

February 20, 2017 - Lion Beverly S. was our Program Chairperson for this meeting and she arranged an excellent program. Beverly's program was a speaker from the Repertory Opera Company in Pomona. The speaker was Ms. Coril Prochnow a singer with the Opera Company. She told us of the Company's history and examples of the programs they perform. The Company started 13 years ago in a church in Pomona and is now located at 101 West Mission Blvd. Pomona. Ms. Prochnow shared a video of one of the operas the Company has done and explained the characters as the video progressed. The Repertory Opera Company is funded by patrons donations, ticket sales and grants from LA Art and Education.  Ms. Prochnow concluded her program by singing an aria by Puccini - She has an outstanding operatic voice. 
Ms. Coril Prochnow and President Jim K.
Program Assignments For March, 2017:
March 6, 2017 - Monthly Board Meeting

March 20, 2017 - Lion Keith

Lions Calendar Of Events:
March 1st - Saddleback Region Zone "A" Student Speaker Contest At NMUSD
March 3rd - 6th - Ensenada Visitation Cruise
March 4th - 6th - MD4 Leadership Institute At Ontario Radisson Hotel
March 11th - California Lions Friends In Sight Screening In Corona
March 11th - Orange Coast breakfast Lions 70th Anniversary of "Its
                      A Wonderful Life" At VA Hospital At 2PM
March 13th - Deadline for Zone Student Speaker Contests
March 13th - Saddleback Region Meeting #2 - Student Speaker Contest
March 17th - St. Patrick's Day
March 18th - Ontario/Upland Lions Bunco Fundraiser
March 20th - Orange Region Meeting #2 - Student Speaker Contest
March 22nd - Tustin Host Lions Glen Riley Memorial Golf Tournament
March 24th - California Friends In Sight Screening In Mexicali Mexico
March 25th - Deadline For Submissions To The April 10th Forum
March 25th - Orange Lions 15th Annual Charity Spaghetti Dinner & Bingo
March 26th - Lions Day At City Of Hope
March 26th - LEOs District Meeting #3 At GG Lions Clubhouse - Elections
March 26th - Huntington Beach Host Lions Crabfest
March 27th - Foothill Region Meeting #2 - Student Speaker Contest
March 31st - Deadline For Contests/Nominations:
                     Lion Of The Year                               Leo Of The Year
                     Couple Of The Year          Lifetime Achievement Award
                     Club Of The Year                               President Of The Year
                     Secretary of The Year                         Membership    
                     Bulletin                                                Visitations
                     Joining Hands In Service
March 31st - April 2nd -  MD4 LEO Leadership Institute At Teresita Pines

Club Member (and Family) Birthdays:
February 12th - Lion Bert
February 17th - Lion Ken Bell
February 17th - Lion Sandy
February 23rd - Lion Jim Thomas
February 28th - George Galdo (Lion Terri)

Club Member Anniversary's:
There were no anniversary's this month

Other Items Worthy Of Mention:
Effective with the Club's 1st meeting in April (April 3rd) our meeting place will change (no longer at Maniac Mike's). The Club's Monthly Board Meeting will be on the 1st Monday of each Month (starting with April 3rd) at the Upland Landacena Community Center at 6:30 PM. The Landacena Community Center is located at 1325 San Bernardino Rd., Upland. The Monthly General Meeting (3rd Monday) will be held at the El Perico Ranchero Restaurant, 1401 E. Foothill Blvd., Upland, at 6:30 PM

Unfortunately The Upland Host Lions Student Speaker Contest had to be canceled at the last minute. We began in October, 2016 contacting the Student advisor at Claremont High School to arrange for speakers for this contest and felt everything was on track. In previous years Claremont had always provided several excellent speakers. This year, due to failure to be able to communicate with the advisor, we had to cancel the contest at the last minute.

The Foothill Zone "A" Student Speaker contest will be held on March 7th at Lions Center East.

On Saturday February 25th The LEOs District talent show is scheduled. Lions Joey and Ken M., from our Club, will attend.

On Monday, March 13th Our Club President, Lion Jim K. and Lion Joey will make a presentation to the Upland City Council. This presentation will highlight our newly refurbished Eyeglass Collection Box (Mail Box), which is located between City Hal and the Fire Department, and the proposed establishment of a City wide LEO's Club. We will thank the City for allowing us to place the eyeglass collection box between the City facilities and create an awareness of our intent to engage the Upland City youth with Lions through a LEO Club.

Upland Host Lions have been invited to attend the Charter Night for the new Chino High School LEO Club. A motion was made and approved to contribute $150 to the Chino High LEO Club to help cover the cost to Charter the Club. Welcome Chino High LEOs.

On February 9th our Club Visited the Ontario/Upland Lions Club. Five of our Club Members made the visitation.
UHL - Richard, Joe, Arlene, Beverly S. and Joey
The Club has a visit scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd at the Cucamonga Host Lions Club.

Next Meeting:
The Clubs next meeting will be the Club's Monthly Board Meeting for March, 2017. The meeting will be on March 6th at Maniac Mikes Café at 6:30 PM . Our Snack Volunteers are Sang and Terri.

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Lion Keith Krumwiede
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - February, 2017

Board Members In Attendance:
Lions Terri, Keith, Mike, Richard and Sandy

Other Club Members In Attendance:
Lions Joey, Arlene, Joe, Ken M., Tina, Beverly S., and Jim T.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary's Board Meeting Minutes for January, 2017 were placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the January Board Meeting Minutes as presented in the blog.

Treasurers Report:
The Club's Treasurer was unable to attend this meeting and his report was presented by a substitute.
Admin Acct.:    Jan. 9, 2017 - Not Reported,  Feb. 6, 2017 - $  4,042.02
Activity Acct.:  Jan. 9, 2017 - Not Reported,  Feb. 6, 2017 - $ 13,414.62
Our Treasurer did report, via e-mail, that on February 1, 2017 the Club LCI dues in the amount of $422.75 were paid.

Other Committee Reports:
Eyeglass Mailbox:
Our eyeglass mailbox committee of one (Lion Joey)  reported the eyeglass collection box is now back at its home, near City Hall. With Joey's guidance the eyeglass mailbox was beautifully refurbished and now there should be no question as to its purpose and Who the sponsors are. The mail box is now 59 years old (manufactured in 1958) and has been brought back to perfect condition.
Eyeglass Mailbox - 2008
Eyeglass Mailbox - 2017


On Thursday, February 9th Upland Host Lions visited the Ontario/Upland Lions Club. Five members of UHL made the visitation.
UHL Visiting the Ontario/Upland Lions Club
UHL Members: Richard, Joe, Arlene, Beverly S. and Joey
There was no activity reported on membership this month.
LEO Club:
UHL Club Members have been working diligently to get a new LEO Club started in the Upland area. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for the last Monday of March from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. Lions Joey and Terri have been doing a great deal of work to get this new Club up and running.
Existing LEO Clubs in District 4-L4 have scheduled a talent show in Stanton on February 25th. UHL Club Members are urged to form carpools and attend to get a feel for LEO Club activities.
Old Business:

Student Speaker Contest:
This years Student Speaker Contest is scheduled at 6:30PM Thursday, February 16th. The Contest will be held in the trailer at Cable Airport (where we held the Contest in past years). Lion Mike is the Chairperson for this Contest.
Annual Fishbake:
Brief discussion of our Annual Fund Raiser (Fishbake ???) took place. Lions Ken M., Beverly S., Richard and Jim K. met as a group and toured the facilities at Magnolia Park. Magnolia Park is a very viable site to consider for our relocation.
Relocation of Club Meeting Site:
Effective April 1st the Club meeting location will change. The team mentioned above in the Fishbake discussion also evaluated new locations for the Club meetings. They looked at Magnolia Park and the Upland Landecena Community Center facilities. Either of these facilities would be viable for the move but the Landecena Community Center would charge us $100 for use of the room. Both sites would require a caterer like we have now at Maniac Mikes. Lion Joey suggested that we should look for a restaurant where we would only pay for the food and no room rental. He is familiar with a Mexican restaurant called the El Perito Rancho on Foothill Blvd. that may be a good location. Joey will check with the restaurant and get back to us.
Upland City Council Presentation:
A presentation to the Upland City Council regarding our refurbished Eyeglass Collection Box and our development of an Upland LEO Club was discussed. This presentation will provide community visibility  for Upland Host lions and our ongoing activities. The presentation is scheduled for 7:00PM , Monday, March 13th. All Lions are urged to attend this meeting, wearing their yellow vests to provide Club visibility. Lion Terri will organize the presentation. 
 Requests For Donations:
No requests for donations were received this month.
 Donations Made:
No motions for donations were made at this meeting.
Next Meeting:
The Clubs next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 20, 2017, 6:30PM at Maniac Mikes Café. This will be our monthly general meeting and dinner will be provided.
Having covered all items on the meetings agenda and with no further items brought up for discussion, this Board Meeting was adjourned.
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