Thursday, March 23, 2017

Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - March, 2017

Programs - March, 2017:
March 6, 2017 - This meeting was the Club's monthly Board Meeting. Meeting Minutes were prepared and placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment.

March 20, 2017 - Lion Keith was the program Chair for this meeting. Unfortunately our scheduled speaker was not able to attend due to medical circumstances. Therefore, the Club was able to discuss other pressing issues.
  1. Lion Joey talked to us about the status of his work to develop Upland Host Lions first LEO Club. Joey had ordered the necessary supplies to get the LEO Club started but has been informed by LCI that the Club must have been formed and chartered prior to ordering the supplies. LCI had already charged the Club's credit card for the supplies but agreed to refund the money which can be, again, submitted when their requirements are met.
  2. A number of high school students were at the March 13, Upland City Council Meeting and Joey used the opportunity to hand out flyers regarding the LEO Club formation.
  3. This year has been a very strange one for planning our annual Fishbake/Steak Fry  fund raiser. We were told we couldn't use the Memorial Park facility because it is being renovated. The committee then arranged for us to have the fund raiser at Upland Magnolia Park and had agreed on the dates. Now we are told we can't use Magnolia Park because it will be undergoing remodel at the time requested. So, President Jim K. has now made arrangements for us to use Gibson Senior Center facilities. The format of the fund raiser is still under discussion. To be decided is whether we are going to continue the traditional Fish/Steak Fry or totally change to another food arrangement.
  4. Lion Beverly S. asked about the LCI student peace poster contest and the Club's interest sponsoring this contest in our community (the Upland Schools). It was agreed the Club is interested in this contest if we can determine the interest of area schools. Lion Beverly volunteered to check with the schools to determine their interest.
  5. With our change of meeting locations the question arose regarding our member cost per meeting. It was decided the cost per member at each meeting will be $5.00. When we have our meeting at El Perico the only additional cost will be the charge for the food you order for your meal.
  6. Several additional items were discussed at the meeting but they were not immediately pending, therefore, they will be discussed further at a later date.
Program Assignments For April, 2017
April 3, 2017 - Monthly Club Board Meeting
April 17, 2017 - Program Chair - Lion Charlotte

Lions Calendar of Events:
April, 2017 - 1st - California Friends In Sight Vision Screening at
                      3rd - Deadline for Region Student Speaker Contest
                      5th - Deadline For Nominations (Lion of the year,
                               LEO of the year, Lifetime Achievement Award,
                               Couple of the year)
                      8th - California Friends In Sight Screening In San Diego
                      8th - Orphanages of Thailand Fundraiser
                      9th - Garden Grove Lions 69th Annual Pancake Breakfast
                      9th - Ronald McDonald House Walk For Kids-
                      16th - Easter
                      17th - Orange Lions 32nd Annual Charity Golf
                      22nd - Earth Day
                      22nd - California Lions In Sight Screening In Highland
                                 San Bernardino
                      22nd - CMNH Lions 90th Anniversary Celebration
                      23rd - Fullerton Host Lions Putting Tournament
                      25th - Deadline For Submission to The May Forum
                      28th - Teen Recognition Dinner At Garden Grove Lions
                      29th - District Meeting #4 - Student Speaker Contest
                                 Hosted By Orange Region
                      29th - California Lions Friends In Sight Screening In
                                San Jacinto
Club Members (and Family) Birthdays:
April 13th - Susan Lacey (Lion Steve)
April 14th - Sharon Krumwiede (Lion Jim)

Club Members Anniversary's:
April 6th - Lion Terri and George
April 18th - Lion Jim and Sharon

Other items Worthy Of Mention:
On March 13th Upland Host Lions Club President Jim K. and Lion Joey Amaro made presentations to the Upland City Council. President Jim talked about Lions Clubs International and Upland Host Lions and Lion Joey presented Upland Host Lions plans to establish a new LEO Club in the Upland Community. The LEO's are a the youth program supported by Lions Clubs International to develop youth programs which support community services and activities which create an awareness in youth of how they can help.
President Jim K.
Good Evening Mayor Stone, Members of the Upland City Council Members and Guests

My Name is Jim Krumwiede and I am President of the Upland Host Lions Club. With me tonight in the audience are several members of our Club. For those of you who are not familiar with Lions, our Club is one of 46,000 Lions Clubs world-wide; numbering 1.4 million members. As the worlds largest volunteer service organization, Lions Clubs International is the only such group recognized with a seat in the United Nations. Founded in 1917, this year marks the centennial of the Lions Clubs.

Our local Club has been continually serving the needs of Upland residents for the past 92 of those 100 years. We are a group of individuals representing all ages and backgrounds, who strive to make a difference  through serving and supporting the humanitarian needs of our surrounding community.

I and my fellow Lions are here tonight to briefly share some information about two items pertaining to the Lions -
The first - As part of our centennial ... a re-visit to what we do...
The second - Our LEOs Club; information about something new...

So you THINK you know Lions... but...
Perhaps you've seen the banners for our annual Steak and Fish Fry fundraiser at Memorial Park (or even attended) Where we work to raise funds for many worthy local charities....or maybe you've seen us ring a bell for the Salvation Army during Holidays. Or perhaps you've seen our yellow vests at one of our City's parades.
These things are what most people associate with the Lions.... 

One thing we do may NOT be well known to many of you. And it is by far, our most important task and enduring legacy.

Back in 1925 Helen Keller challenged the Lions Clubs to become "The Knights of the Blind in the Crusade Against Darkness". Since then Lions have worked tirelessly to aid the blind and visually impaired. On an International level, Lions initiatives and funding have targeted the major causes of blindness: cataracts, childhood blindness, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and many others.

On a local level, the Upland Host Lions Club funds and administers several activities specifically intended to provide for vision related medical needs of our residents who cannot afford these services.

The Upland Lions collect good used glasses at many locations throughout the City to be cleaned, tested, catalogued and then donated to those who  need them. Perhaps you've seen the collection boxes at the library or doctors offices. Through this effort over the past year almost 2,500 pairs of used (but re-usable) glasses have been collected by the Upland Lions. Throughout Southern California, a similar effort by many Lions Clubs working to0gether have collected over 51,000 pairs of re-usable glasses, over the past year.

I would like to share something that we are very proud of....
This is our oldest and newest collection box, located in the parking lot east of the Upland Public Library and City Hall. Originally donated to the Upland Lions Club by the Post Office and installed many years ago, the Lions (with help from some local businesses) recently refurbished it with new bright yellow powder coating and updated signage. Please go by and check it out when you get a chance.

In addition to collecting glasses... Upland Host Lions work throughout the year with many other Clubs to conduct sight clinics throughout Southern California, where people can come and have their eyes examined by trained personnel. Here attendees can receive medical referrals. glasses prescriptions and or good used glasses, that match their prescription; all at no charge.

Finally, the Upland Lions work in conjunction with the Upland School District's medical staff and a local optical lab to provide free eye exams and new glasses for school children whose families could not otherwise afford them. During the past year 85 Upland School children have received eye exams and glasses, eye care through the Upland Host Lions.

With That...
We ask that you please continue to support our vision care efforts, including our glasses collections and community fund raising programs.

The Upland Host Lions Club greatly appreciates the ongoing support of the residents and community leaders of Upland. We are looking forward to continued success during our Next 100 years!

Oh... and we are always looking for new members!

With that I would like to introduce my fellow Lion Joey Amaro. Joey is involved in an exciting new effort to start our first LEO's Club. At this point Joey outlined the Club's plan for a new LEO Club.

Lion Joey Amaro
On Wednesday, March 22nd, members of Upland Host Lions visited the Cucamonga Host Lions. Upland Host Lions in attendance were Lions Joe, Arlene, Joey and President Jim K.
Next Meeting:
The Club's next meeting will be our Monthly Board meeting for April, 2017. This meeting will be on April 3rd at the Landacena Community Center at 6:30 PM. The Landacena Community Center is located at 1325 San Bernardino Road in Upland. Dessert by Lion Keith.

Leaving You With A Smile
Have A Good Month

Bulletin Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2016/2017
Telephone: m909-240-7909

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting - March, 2017

Board Members In Attendance:
Lions Ken B., Terri, Keith, Jim K., Madeleine, Mike, Richard and Sandy

Other Club Members In Attendance:
Lion Arlene, Joe, Charlotte, Beverly S., Jim T.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary's Board Meeting Minutes for February, 2017 were place on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the Minutes as presented in the blog.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer Ken B. Reported the following status of the Club's bank accounts:
Admin Acct.:    Feb. 6, 2017 - $ 4,942.02    March 6, 2017 - $ 4,292.58
Activity Acct.:  Feb. 6, 2017 - $13,414.62   March 6, 2017 - $11,947.15

Other Committee Reports:
Visitations: The Club has visitations scheduled for Wednesday, March 22nd with the Cucamonga District Host Lions at Antonino's Restaurant at 6:30 PM. We are also scheduled to visit the Ontario Host Lions Club on Tuesday, April 18th at San Joaquin Valley College.

Membership: There was no change in membership to report.

LEO Club: The Club's LEO liaison was unable to attend tonight's meeting but he is very actively preparing to attract new members to the Club. He has ordered Club and member supplies to initiate the Club.

Old Business:
On Monday, March 13th Club President, Jim K., is scheduled to make a presentation to the Upland City Council regarding Worldwide Lionism, Upland Host Lions our charitable projects, highlighting vision care, collection of usable eyeglasses for recycling and promote membership. A brief presentation regarding our plans for an Upland area LEO Club will be made by Lion Joey.

Planning for the Club's annual fundraiser (Fishbake/Steak fry) continues. The fundraiser Committee made up of Lions Richard, Beverly S., Arlene, Ken M., Madeleine and Jim K. met on Monday, March 13th to discuss moving forward and developing a successful Fund Raiser. More meetings are planned soon.

Some discussion regarding the new LEO Club costs was opened but our LEO Liaison (Lion Joey) was unable to attend this meeting so this item was tabled until a future date. Lion Joey and President Jim were able to get together and decide on some of the items Joey should order to meet his first meeting date. Club items and Member supplies were given the go ahead and were ordered to meet the projected date.

Our Club has, again, stepped up and provided eye exams and new glasses for Upland school children.
We provided eye exams and glasses for 10 school children, at a cost of $500.00

Lion Jim K. and PDG Ken M. have successfully submitted the Secretary Of State Statement of Information for our Club. This statement is required every two years and it was filed and accepted on February 23, 2017. They have also completed the California Annual Exempt Organization Return for 2015/2016 with a filing fee of $25.00 for each year.

New Business:
An addition to the Club's "Standing Rules" was presented for the Club's consideration. This change was presented to better clarify Club Executive Officer responsibilities. The change (addition) was moved, seconded and approved, with two dissensions. The modified rule is as follows:

2.  Club Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary): Club Executive Officers must be available for all meetings. If a Club Executive Officer is unable to make a meeting he/she must arrange for another Club member to fill the position for that meeting. If the Club Executive Officer misses more than 4 consecutive meetings due to personal schedule conflicts, or fails to arrange for a temporary replacement, his/her resignation from his/her Officer position will be requested. If the Officer is absent for an extended period due to illness or family situations the Executive Board will name a temporary replacement.

With the help of Lion Michael our Club volunteered to man the pancake breakfast facility at the first annual HOPS WITH POPS 5K RUN on Saturday, June 17th. This will be a fund raiser for our Club in that we will receive a portion of the pancake breakfast income for our Club.

Requests For Donations:
None Received this month

Donations Made:
A donation of $500.00 was made for eye exams for Upland school children this month.

Next Meeting:
Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 2017, 6:30 PM at Maniac Mikes Café. This will be our last meeting at Maniac Mikes. This will be our monthly general meeting and dinner will be provided. Once again, the Club's new phone number is 909-490-1559.

All items on the evenings agenda were covered and the Board Meeting was adjourned.

Keep Smiling
Have A Great Month

Minutes Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2016/2017
Telephone: 909-240-7909