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Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - April, 2017

April 3, 2017 - This meeting was the Club's Monthly Board Meeting. Meeting Minutes were prepared and placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment.

April 17, 2017 - Lion Charlotte was the program chairperson for this meeting. Charlotte had arranged for PDG Ken M. to talk to us. Lion Ken M. spoke to us about District 4-L4 and how it compares with other Districts in in MD-4. Our District is a leader in the MD-4 group of Districts, in most performance categories. We lead everyone in our Diabetes awareness programs and 4-L4 has the most LEOS in all of Lions. We lead MD-4 in support of the Lions Camp at Teresita Pines and the annual Lions Rose Float.

He, further talked about The Lions Camp at Teresita Pines and the Lions Camp At Wrightwood. Ken spoke in depth of the facilities at both of these camps and how it takes support and personal elbow grease of all Lions in MD-4 to maintain and improve these facilities. Teresita Pines covers 3.5 acres, it has 15 sleeping cabins and 4 VIP cabins available plus many other facilities to be used by the campers. Wrightwood Village covers 20+ acres, has 8 sleeping cabins and full facilities for all kinds of camping activities. Wrightwood can accommodate  campers with special needs. Both of these camps welcome groups of all types, not just limited to Lions.

Ken also spoke about our local project, the Chaffey Community Center, and described the many improvements taking place there. Regional Indian Groups are working with the Center to add a typical Indian Village as part of the many historical settings being developed at the site. Our Club has committed to assist the Community Center in continuing this development.

Program Assignments For May, 2017
May 1, 2017 - Monthly Club Board Meeting
May 15, 2017 - Installation of 2017/2018 Club Officers
Lions Calendar of Events:
May, 2017 -   1 Delegate forms due for District 4-L4 Convention
                       5 Cinco De Mayo
                       6 Cucamonga District Host Fashion Show
                       7 Laguna Niguel lions Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser
                       8 Charter Night for Diamond Bar Community LEOS
                       12-14 California Friends in Sight Screening In
                                 Sonora-Baja Mexico
                       13 Huntington Beach Host Lions Annual Mothers Day
                            pancake Breakfast 7:30 to 11:30
                     13 Ontario Upland Lions Afternoon Tea
                     13 Area Student Speaker Contest at Chapman
                          University/ Hashinger Science Center 2PM
                     13 District LEOS cook dinner at Ronald McDonald
                          House 4-8PM
                     14 Mothers Day
                     16 Taiwanese Community Celebration -
                          Formosa Acrobats
                     17-21 District 4L4 Convention at Pala Mesa Resort
                               in Fallbrook
                     18 Fullerton Host Lions Lecture - Observing
                          Black Holes across the Universe
                     20 Guide Dogs For The Blind Raffle Drawing
                     20 California Lions Friends In Sight Screening
                          in  Riverside
                     21 LEOS District Awards And Installation
                     22 Deadline For Area Student Speaker Contest
                     25 Deadline for submissions to the June 10th Forum
                     26-29 2nd Annual Sight Awareness Weekend
                               at Lions Camp at Teresita Pines
                     29 Memorial Day

Club Members (and family members) Birthdays:
May 4th - Lion Steve L.
May 7th - Lion Charlotte
May 9th - Lion Madeleine
May 27th - Lion Joe

Club Members Anniversary's:
There were no anniversary's during May, 2017

Other Items Worthy Of Mention:
On April 17th we made the big move to the new home of the Club's General Monthly Meeting, 3rd Monday of each month. This meeting is now at the El Perico Ranchero Restaurant 1401 E. Foothill Blvd., Upland. The Club thanks Lions Mike and Tina for the many years they hosted our meeting at Maniac Mike's Café.
Our First Meeting At El Perico Ranchero
First Meeting At El Perico

All members should plan to attend our next meeting on May 1st. At this meeting we will be voting in the Club's new Officers for the 2017/2017 Lions Year (if you don't attend you may get a job you don't want). Also, at this meeting the Club's group picture for the 2016/2017 Lions year will be taken. PLEASE plan to attend to share your vote and get in the annual picture.

Tonight Lion Joey presented Certificates of Appreciation to the two Companies who refurbished our eyeglass collection box. These Companies were "Concept Powder Coating" and "Signs Unlimited". These Companies revitalized our old mailbox to a much better condition than it ever has been. The Powder Coating will last many, many years and the graphics, prepared and installed by Signs Unlimited, leave no doubt as to the purpose of the box. We thank them for their gracious contribution of this work for us.

Tonight we had 4 visitors ( in addition to those who received Certificates). Once again we welcomed Lion Sandy Watts mother to our meeting. She is always welcome. We, also, had visitors from the Cucamonga District Host Club with us. Lions Steve Lacey and Barbara and Scotty Barklay visited us to promote their Club's coming fashion show.

On April 18th Upland Host Lions visited the Ontario Host Lions at San Joaquin Valley College. Six members of Upland Host made this visit. Lions who made the visit were Lions Joe, Arlene, Beverly S., Richard, Jim K. and Ken M..

Next Meeting:
The Club's next meeting will be our Monthly Board Meeting for May, 2017. This meeting will be on May 1, 2017 at the Landacena Community Center at 6:30 PM. The Landacena Community Center is located at 1325 San Bernardino Road in Upland. Dessert will be arranged by Lion Ken Myers.

Leaving You With A Smile
Have A Wonderful Month

Bulletin Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2016/2017
Telephone - 909-240-7909

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting - April, 2017

Board Members In Attendance:
Lions Beverly B., Ken B., Terri, Sang, Keith, Jim K., Richard and Sandy

Other Club Members In Attendance:
Lions Joey, Arlene, Joe, Ken M. and Beverly S.

Secretary's Report:
The Secretary's Board Meeting Minutes for March, 2017 were placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the Minutes as presented in the blog.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer Ken B. reported the Club's financial status as follows:
Admin Acct.:   March 6, 2017 - $ 4,292.58       April 3, 2017 - $ 4,230.67
Activity Acct.: March 6, 2017 - $11,947.15      April 3, 2017 - $11,967.65

Other Committee Reports:
Membership: Lion Ken M. reported that he had recently attended an Upland Chamber of Commerce 2 hour membership class regarding how to market better and how to talk to people. He reported that this was an outstanding class and closely relates to how Lions need to approach recruiting new members. It was a very beneficial class for him. Lion Ken M. plans to attend the Upland Chamber mixer on Thursday, April 13th to spread the word regarding Upland Host Lions and membership.

Annual Fund Raiser: President Jim K. discussed the Club's annual fund raiser. Since we have lost the use of both Community Parks, in Upland, our fund raiser (no longer a "Fishbake/Steak Fry") this year will be held at the Gibson Community Center in Upland. All City documents have been filed and we have obtained our special use permit. This years meal will be provided by the "Habit" and will include sandwiches (Cheeseburgers, BBQ Chicken and Albacore), fries and a soft drink. The Club will provide the dessert which will be hand scooped ice cream.  The ticket cost will be $15.00. We still need to get out and promote sponsorships. The sponsorships are the driving force which makes the annual fund raiser a success.

Visitations: Visitation Chairperson, Lion Beverly S., announced that she has arranged for our Club to visit the Ontario Host Lions Club on April 18th. The meeting will be at the San Joaquin College in Ontario.

LEO Club: Our LEO leader, Lion Joey, announced he will have the LEO Club formation meeting on Monday, April 24th at 6:30 PM and those lions able to attend should to show our Club's support of this important activity for the Club. This meeting is scheduled at the Landacena Community Center.

Old Business:
On April 3, 2017 the Club began a new phase in our life, we moved meeting locations from Maniac Mikes Café to the Upland Landacena Community Center, for our Monthly Board Meetings (1st Monday) and El Perico Ranchero Restaurant for our Monthly General Meeting (3rd Monday). The April 3rd meeting at Landacena was attended by 13 of Club members. The first thing evident was that we have much space for expansion with NEW MEMBERS. We will have our first experience at the El Perico on Monday April 17th.  We adapted well to the new venue.

1st Meeting At Landacena Community Center

1st Meeting At Landacena Community Center
During the meeting we discussed the items mentioned under Committee Reports plus potential fundraisers and charitable causes. The immediate fund raiser discussed was the "Littlest Car Show" in downtown Upland. We were asked to help the City with traffic control and 4 members volunteered. Once again our Club failed. Of the 4 members who volunteered to help only one showed up, Mr. reliable Lion Ken M.. I was one of the no shows so I have no room to criticize this lack of support for the Club. This is continuing to be a major problem and we can't fall back on the crutch that we don't have enough members, that only emphasizes our need to build membership with younger, active members.

New Business:
Club elections will be held at our April 17th meeting. There have been volunteers for all the executive officer positions but if any member is interested in one of those positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) you can make your interest known to the Club prior to the election. In addition to the four executive officers I mentioned there are 18 volunteer positions still to be assigned to responsible Club members. These Club jobs are all listed on pages 5 and 6 of last years booklet. If you are asked to fill one or more of these position please consider accepting.

It is time, once again, for the Club's annual group picture. As you know this picture is used for the annual Club Booklet. The picture will be taken at the Club's meeting on May 1, 2017. Please, please arrange your schedule so that you may attend this meeting.

Other fund raisers and volunteer opportunities discussed were:
  1. Comedy night
  2. Candy apple sale
  3. Cooper Museum Toys For Tots  Car Show 
  4. The Hops W/ Pops 5K, Car Show and Pancake Breakfast
  5. A Feed The Children Fundraiser, and
  6. May 6th Health Fair at the Cucamonga Valley Medical Group on San Bernardino Rd.
Requests For Donations:
We have received no new requests for donations.

Donations Made:
No donations were made this month.

Next Meeting:
The Club's next meeting will be on April 17, 2017, 6:30 PM at El Perico Ranchero Restaurant, 1401 E. Foothill Blvd,. Upland (1st meeting at this location). This will be our monthly General Meeting, the Club fee will be $5.00 and the dinner cost will be whatever you order from the menu. The new Club phone number is 909-490-1559.

After much discussion, all items on the meeting agenda were covered and the Board Meeting was adjourned .

Keep Smiling
Have a great Month

Minutes Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2016/2017
Telephone: 909-240-7909