Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting Minutes - January, 2016

Board Members In Attendance: Lions Beverly B., Ken B., Sang, Keith, Jim K., Madeleine, and Mike

Other Club Members In Attendance: Lions Ken M., Beverly S., Richard and Jim T.

Guests: Lion (Foothill Region A Chairperson) Martha Hebert and Lion Jerry McJunkin

Secretary's Report: Since Secretary Keith had been absent for several months he had no Secretary's Report.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ken B. presented the following information for his report:
Admin. Acct.:   Dec. 7, 2015 -- $  3,798.75  Jan. 4, 2016 -- $  3,921.85
Activity Acct.:  Dec. 7, 2015 -- $14,467.81  Jan. 4, 2016 -- $14,467.81

Treasurer Ken B. reminded the membership that it is once again time for the semi-annual dues.

Other Committee Reports: Lion Mike reported on the Student Speaker Contest. He had not received the Student Speaker packet but had been in touch with the gentleman in charge of the speaker and debate program at Claremont High School. Claremont is eager to participate in our contest and has their students waiting. In fact Claremont has students enough to participate with other Clubs should they be needed. Lion Mike and Lion Keith have not yet received the Student Speaker Packet. Lion mike did receive the packet from Governor Ken after this meeting. Also, Lion Keith received the packet on January 11th. The packet was postmarked October 7, 2015????

Lion Michael has this program back on track now and no further problems have arisen. Our Student Speaker Contest will be held on February 15th (our normal Business Meeting date) and our Business Meeting and dinner will be held on February 1st.

Old Business: We, unfortunately, did not nominate a Club member for the Melvin Jones Fellowship this year. There will be a meeting including Lion President Jim K., Lion Vice President Sang, Lion Secretary Keith and Governor Ken M. to discuss the possibility of nominating a member of our Club for a Melvin Jones Fellowship during 2016.

New Business: Our guest, Region Chairperson Martha Hebert, presented congratulatory letters from our International President commending two of our member for their length of service. Lion Bert received a commendation for 20 years of membership and Lion Mike receive a commendation for 10 years of membership. The Club congratulates both of these members for their longevity.

Our other guest, Lion Jerry McJunkin, requested assistance in putting together packets of toiletries for local homeless people. There will be a meeting of all the people volunteering to help, at 6:00 PM, January 5th at Magnolia Park. Lion Madeleine volunteered that she had 2 suitcases full of toiletries to donate.

Discussion of the Club's 50/50 raffle came up because our jackpot is now over $500. The limit was questioned and Lion Mike reminded us that the jackpot money doesn't roll back into the Admin. account until the jackpot  reaches $1000.

 Visitations: A visitation is scheduled on January 14th at the Chino Valley Club. Nine of our members indicated they would be there. The meeting is now held at the Carolyn Owens Community Center on Central Ave. in Chino. It starts at 6:30 PM.

We, also, Plan to visit the Ontario/Upland Club on February 11th and the cost will be $15.00 per person. Five members indicated they would attend.

Requests For Donations: None

Next Meeting: January 18, 2016, 6:30 PM at Maniac Mike's Café, Cable Airport, Upland, CA.

Adjournment: With no further items brought up for discussion President Jim K. adjourned the meeting.

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Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2015/2016
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