Saturday, September 17, 2016

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting - September, 2016

Board Members In Attendance: Lions Beverly B., Ken B., Keith, Jim K., Madeleine, Mike and Richard.

Other Members In Attendance: Lions Arlene, Joe, Charlotte and Tina.

Secretary's Report: The Secretary's Board Meeting Report for August, 2016 Was placed on the Club's blog for all Club members to review and comment.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ken B. presented the following financial information for August and September, 2016:
Admin Acct.:     August 1, 2016 - $  4,413.57   September (August 29), 2016 - $  3989.17
Activity Acct.:   August 1, 2016 - $  5,959.49   September (August 29), 2016 - $13,621.46

Treasurer Ken, also, reported the net income from our Club's annual Fishbake was $5,567.97 and the Club LCI dues in the amount of $387.00 were paid.

Committee Reports: Fishbake/Steak Fry. The Fishbake/Steak Fry was a moderate success this year. Ticket sales and sponsorships were both down from previous years. This year our gross income was $8,468.00, expenses were $2,900.03 making our net income from this fund raiser $5,567.97. It takes approximately 30 people to handle our Fishbake and with our small (aged) Club we had a lot of outside help to pull this off. We are very grateful to the other Clubs, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Latter Day Saints and all other volunteers for their support in making this fund raiser the success it was.

Old Business: On September 10th there is a four Club (Cucamonga Host, Ontario/Upland, Chino Valley and Upland Host) Vision Screening scheduled at the Sultana Sports and Science Academy in Ontario. Five members of our Club have volunteered to work at this screening.

The annual Governors Fund Raiser is Scheduled to be held on September 10th at Pete's Ponderosa and Club members were urged to attend

New Business: Our new business was an opportunity to talk about the Fishbake and bring up suggestions for next year, with overall improvement and suggestions for alternate or other fund raisers. An important part of this discussion was Club membership. We have an aging Club and it is getting very stressful for our older members to do the physical work associated with the Fishbake. We, fortunately, have had a lot of volunteers to help us but that need is growing every year and is straining relationships within the Club. As mentioned above we discussed the need for new members and our membership committee is working on that but we all need to be involved. We talked about improvements we could make in the overall Fishbake process primarily in our planning and cost estimating and general overall operation. We discussed relocating the Fishbake to a more desirable location, or even replacing it with another type fund raiser or multiple smaller activities. All of these discussion items need further investigation and Club participation.

Lion Tina has been working on our joint Calendar fund raiser, with other Clubs, and she now has the Calendars for distribution and suggested that each Club member take 10 Calendars to sell. The cost of any Calendars we don't sell will have to be covered by the Club.

Visitations: No Visitations are scheduled for September, 2016.

Requests For Donations: A motion was made to make a $200 donation to "Dive Warriors". Dive Warriors made a presentation to our Club On August 15th. It is a wounded veterans organization designed to ease the pain of war and the debilitating wounds (mental and physical) that our country's service men suffer. The organization is funded solely by contributions by friends and donations from service organizations like ours. The motion was seconded and approved by the Club membership.

The Club had received an e-mail from the Cucamonga Host Lions Club asking us to consider participating in the cost resulting from the Four Club Vision Screening scheduled to be held on September 10th in Ontario. The Vision Screening is to be held at the Sultana Sports & Science Academy and the school is charging the four Clubs $641 for its use. This charge was a surprise to the coordinating Club (CHL) and they said they would take care of it, but if any of the participating Clubs could share in the cost it would amount to $161.20 for each Club. A motion was made to participate in this $161.20 cost and a motion was made, seconded and approved for this donation.

Donations Made: Although donations were approved, none were made this month.

Next Meeting: The Club's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 19, 2016, 6:30 PM at maniac Mike's Café. The Program Chairperson for the next meeting is Lion Arlene.

Dessert Volunteers for October, 2016 - Lions Ken and Beverly Bell

Adjournment: No further items were brought up for discussion and Club President Jim K. adjourned the meeting.

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