Thursday, February 12, 2015

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting - February, 2015

Board Members In Attendance: Lions Ken B., Terri, Keith, Jim K., Tina, Mike and Sandy

Other Club Members In Attendance: Lions  Beverly, Arlene, Joe, Sang, Ken M.,

Secretary's Report: The Secretary's January, 2015 Report was placed on the Club's blog and forwarded via e-mail to all Club Members. A motion was made, seconded and approved by all members present to accept the January Meeting Minutes as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Lion Mike Reported the Club's current financial condition as:
Admin Acct:   January 5, 2015 -- $3,699.84      February 2, 2015 -- $3,592.91
Activity Acct: January 5, 2015 -- $13,718.30    February 2, 2015 -- $ 12,253,.90

Other Committee Reports:
Lion Jim T. Reported that he had collected 331 pairs of prescription glasses during February, 2015.
There were no visitations during February. A visitation is planned for the Ontario/Upland Bunco night on February 28, 2015. Six Club members indicated they plan to attend the Bunco Night.

Old Business: Discussion continues regarding the lack of tax exemption status for our Club. This item has been brought up many times and to date we do not have a tax exempt status. It has been determined that it would cost the Club $2,000 to gain tax exempt status. Lion Ken Myers will follow-up and determine the feasibility and value to the Club to gain this exemption.

Once again it is time for us to plan for the 2015 Annual Fish Bake. Much discussion took place regarding this years Fish Bake and to get it underway Lion Mike was appointed Chairman for 2015. Lion Tina stated this years sponsor booklet will be prepared and the deadline for input of sponsors names and info will be July I, 2015. Getting the sponsor info any later than July 1st will make it difficult to have the booklets available on August 7th.

The Student Speaker Contest will be held at our next meeting, February 16th. We have two student speakers, as of this time. The meeting will be held in the building we've used in the past (the first building at the airport entrance). Everyone is urged to be at the meeting by 5:30 PM, the doors will be locked at 6PM and not *opened again until the Speaker Contest is finished. Everyone is urged to attend.

New Business: The Club received a very nice thank you card from Lions Jack and Wanda Tanaka thanking us for our thoughts and prayers for Jack's recovery. Lion Jack is currently being treated for cancer.

We also, received a nice letter from "Lions In Sight" thanking us for our $200 donation to Lions In Sight.

Once again it is time to think about next years slate of officers for Upland Host Lions. Lion Ken M. was asked to chair a nominating committee for next years officers. Several lion volunteered to be on this committee with Lion Ken.

Upland Cub Scout Pack is planning their annual Blue And Gold Inner and Lions Tina, Ken B., Arlene and Joe have volunteered to attend and represent the Club.

Lion Ken B. brought up the MD-4 Convention and asked if anyone from the Club would attend. The Club pays for our President to attend but Lion Ken B. indicated that he would be unable to go. Club Vice President Lion Jim Krumwiede stated that he would check his calendar and contact Lion Ken M. if he would be able to go.

Our Club is planning a fund raiser for the planned Veterans Monument in Upland. The Fund raiser will be a Lions Comedy Night on March 21st at 6:30 PM. Four professional comedians will perform and the performance will be held at the Life Point church. A flyer has been circulated throughout the District and we hope for many attendees. A motion was made, seconded and approved to donate all net proceed from this fund raiser to the Upland Veterans Monument activity.

New projects were proposed for our Club.
  • The Chaffey Cultural Center conducts an annual fund raiser to support their activities. They have asked us for help with their 18th annual fund raiser. A motion was made, seconded and approved for our Club to provide assistance, as needed, for this effort.
  • The Carden Arbor school has expressed an interest in establishing a Leo Club. Our Club will pursue and support this.
  • Two new Clubs are being considered in our Zone. The first is at Cal Poly Pomona and the second is at the University of La Verne. Our Club can assist in bringing these new Clubs on line.
Motions For Donations: Lions Sang made a motion for the Club to make a donation to the Upland Christian Church for their annual blanket drive. The Club has donated to this annual blanket drive for the past number of years. Lion Sang's motion was seconded and approved to donate $100.

Donations: The Club donated $100 to the Upland Christian Church.

President Ken B. reviewed flyers received from other Clubs, to facilitate interest and participation from our interested Club members. Those flyers are:
  • Ontario/Upland Lions Bunco Night - February 28, 6PM - cost $15
  • La Habra Host Lions 5th Annual Pasta Fest -February 7 (To Late)
  • Diamond Bar Breakfast Lion - Lions Day At Bob's Big Boy - February 12 (To Late)
  • Orange Lions Annual Charity Spaghetti Dinner & Bingo - March 21, 5:30to 9 PM - cost $15
  • Diamond Bar Breakfast Lion Club - Lorbeer M.S. Leo Charter ceremony and Dinner - $10
  • La Habra Host Lions - 58th Easter Pancake Breakfast - March 28, cost $4 pre and $5 at event.
  • Huntington Beach Host Lions - Crabfest 2015 - March 27, Cost $50/$55
  • Recycle Your Eye Glasses - One Day Event - March 28, (State Wide Program)
  • Orange County Ronald McDonald House - Walk For Kids - April 12, - 6:30AM
  • Orange Lions - 30th Annual Charity Golf Tournament - April 20, - cost $140
  • Harbor Mesa Lions - Annual fashion Show - May 9, - cost $30
  • Ontario Host Lions - Golf Tournament - June 25, - 11:00 AM - cost $150
Next Meeting: February 16, 5:30 PM - Student Speakers Contest

Adjournment:  With no further items brought up for discussion President Ken B. adjourned the meeting.

Minutes Prepared By:
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary 2014/2015
Phone: 909-240-7909

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