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Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - March, 2016

Programs - March, 2016
March 7, 2019 - This was the Club's Monthly Board Meeting. The Minutes of this meeting were prepared and placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment.

March 21, 23016 - Our speaker today was Mr. Don Gordon, American Red Cross Program Manager for San Bernardino County. Lion Ken B., who is a Red Cross Volunteer, arranged this program. Mr. Gordon Spent 30 years as an Orange County Fire Authority Paramedic. As a retiree he decided he wanted to continue his service so he volunteered with the Red Cross. After some time with the Red Cross he accepted a job with them and became the San Bernardino County Program Manager and has been doing this for the past 6 years.

The Red Cross is composed of 94% volunteers. Their goal is to prevent  and/or alleviate human suffering during disasters. They provide shelter and food for those in need. They spend a great deal of time preparing for disasters such as earthquakes and El Ninios. The Red Cross works with community partners to teach how to serve victims of all types of disasters. They teach how to shelter and feed those in need.

Our own Lion Ben B, is part of a local disaster action team. They provide emotional assistance, shelter, food and recovery assistance to those in need.

The Red Cross reaches out to other groups, organizations and communities for help and provide training. The Red Cross reaches out to all service clubs (like Lions), churches, communities and any other service organizations interested in participating. Mr. Gordon offered to conduct classes for our Club , if we are interested.

Lastly, he cited the Waterman (San Bernardino) shootings as an example of where the Red Cross provides help in emergency times. The Red Cross was on site almost immediately after this terrorist attack to offer aid to those impacted by it.
Program Assignments for April, 2016:
April 4. 2016 - Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting.

April 18, 2016 - Lion Terri
Lions Calendar of Events:
April 2nd - CLFIS Sight Screening - Mexicali
April 3rd - Lions City of Hope Day
April 4th - Region Student Speaker's Contest Deadline
April 15th - Tustin Host Golf Tournament
April 16th - District Meeting
April 16th - CLFIS Sight Screening - Riverside
April 18th - Guide Dogs for the Blind Golf Tournament
April 18th - Orange Lions Golf Tournament
April 23rd - Harbor Mesa Taco Fiesta
April 24th - Fullerton Lions Putting Tournament
April 29th - CLFIS Sight Screening K57 Baja Sonora Mexico
April 29th - Seal Beach Pancake Breakfast

April 13th - Susan lacey (Lion Steve)
April 14th - Sharon Krumwiede (Lion Jim)

April 6th - Lion Terri and George Galdo
April 18th - Lion Jim and Sharon Krumwiede

Other Items Worthy of Mention: 
Does this fellow look vaguely familiar??? His name is "Pistol Pete Eaton" and the picture was taken on October 26, 1860. I think he must be a relative of a member of our Club - can you guess who???
Pistol Pete could throw a coin in the air and put a bullet through it before it hit the ground.
It is that time of year again at which we need to look ahead to the coming 2016/2017 Lion year. At our April 4th meeting nominations for new officers will be taken and voted on for those we want to guide our Club during the next Lion Year.

At our March 4th meeting Lion Richard asked if the Club has job descriptions for the positions to which we seeking nominations and those new elected officers. At this March 21st meeting Lion Mike passed out copies of the job descriptions as guides for our Club Officers,

On March 8th The Foothill Zone "A" Student Speaker Contest was held at the Lions East facility. The winner of this competition was the student representing the Cucamonga Host Lions Club.

The Foothill Region Student Speakers Contest will be held at Cable Airport on March 29th and the District Student Speaker Contest will be held on April 16th at the Ontario Airport Hotel.

A Health Fair is planned for April 2nd and 3rd at the Anaheim Convention Center. Upland Host Lions Has been asked to assist in manning the Sight and Hearing Van for the two days of this Health Fair. The Fair will be from 8:00AM to 4:00PM on both of these days. Lions (Governor) Ken M., Keith and Jim K. have volunteered to participate in this Fair and any other volunteers would be welcome.

Upland Host Lions has, also, been asked to volunteer to participate with  Upland Parks and Recreation in providing eye exams on Saturday, May 7th.

Upland Host Lions made no visitations during March, 2016. The Rialto Host Lions had three members visit our Club on march 21st.

Next Meeting:
The next Upland Host Lions meeting will be held on Monday, April 4, 2016 at Maniac Mike's Café, at Cable Airport. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM. This will be our Monthly Board Meeting. Lion Tina will provide the Dessert.
Leaving You With A Smile
Have A Great Month
Bulletin Writer/Editor/Publisher

Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2015/2016
Telephone: 909-240-7909
email: kkrumwiede11@verizon.net

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