Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Upland Host Lions Monthly Board Meeting - May 2, 2016

Board Members In Attendance: Lions Ken B., Terri, Arlene, Joe, Sang, Keith, Jim K., Madeleine, Tina and Sandy

Other Members In Attendance: Lions Beverly B., Charlotte, Ken M., Beverly S., Richard, and Jim T.
Secretary's Report: The Secretary's May, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes was placed on the Club's blog for all members to review and comment. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the Minutes as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Ken B. presented the following information for his report.
Admin. Acct.:   April 4, 2016 - $ 3739.70    May 2, 2016 - $ 3,901.21
Activity Acct.:  April 4, 2016 - $12,768.13  May 2, 2016 - $12,787.69

Other Committee Reports:
Fishbake Committee: Chairperson, Lion Tina updated the Club on the status of preparation for the Fishbake. The required permits were discussed and Lion Ken M. agreed to obtain the permits. We will need permits from the Upland Fire Department, the Health Department and the Parks and Recreation Department.

Lion Tina had written a solicitation letter to be used in selling sponsorships for the Fishbake. She suggested that any Club member who wished to use the letter in promoting sponsorships should feel free to do so.

We discussed the printing of tickets for the Fishbake and Lion Keith volunteered handle the printing once the design is completed.

Calendar Fund Raiser: For the past several years our Club has partnered with the Cucamonga District Host Lions, Chino Valley Lions and the Ontario/Upland Lions Clubs to sell Calendars, which are used in drawings for cash prizes and the net profit is split among the Clubs. Lion Tina brought up that it is time for us to decide whether we are going to participate again this year. The Club voted to participate again this year. Lion Tina will discuss with the other Clubs.

New Business:
President Jim K. has asked, recently, about the status of our Club's Banner, He would like for us to start using it at our meetings and other Club activities. The Banner is in storage in the hanger and the stand is broken. Lion Keith volunteered to repair the Banner stand.

The Club discussed the Chaffey Community Center as an ongoing service project. There are all sorts of service functions our Club could provide, from landscape maintenance to building maintenance (janitorial) to office work. A motion was made, seconded and approved to work at the Community Center two days per month. At 9:30 AM on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month members of our Club will be knocking on the Centers door to volunteer our services for whatever they need.

While discussing the Chaffey Community Center it was mention that 3 Boy Scouts, from Troops we sponsor, have taken on the Community Center as their Eagle Scout Project. These Scouts are anxious to get started but they don't have the tools they need to fulfill their plans. They have asked for donations to help them buy the proper tools they need. A motion was made, seconded and approved to donate $250.00 for this Boy Scout project.

Vote - 2016/2017 Club Officers:
At this meeting the Club Members voted for next years Officers. Listed below are the results of the vote:
President - Lion Jim Krumwiede
1st Vice President - Lion Sang Han
2nd Vice President - Lion Beverly Bell
Treasurer - Lion Ken Bell
Secretary - Lion Keith Krumwiede / Lion Ken Myers
Lion Tamer - Lion Mike Stewart
Tail Twister - Lion Richard Sugerman
Historian - Lion Sandy Watts
Membership - Lions Sang Han, Ken Myers, and Terri Galdo
Installation of the 2016/2017 Officers will be held at our June 20th meeting and everyone is encouraged to be there.
It is scheduled, once again, to have the Club Member group picture taken at the May 16th meeting. Please plan to attend.

Visitations During April - None

Requests for Donations - For Eagle Scout Project at Chaffey Community Center - Approved $250.00.

Donations Made - The Club provided eye exams and new glasses for 11 Upland school student at a cost of $700.00.

Next Meeting:  May 16, 2016, 6:30 PM at Maniac Mike's CafĂ©, Cable Airport, Upland CA. This will be a dinner meeting.

Adjournment: With no further items brought up for discussion President Jim K. adjourned the meeting.

Minutes Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2015/2016
Telephone: 909-240-7909

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