Monday, May 30, 2016

Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - May, 2016

Programs - May, 2016:
May 2, 2016 - Monthly Board Meeting. Minutes of this Meeting were prepared and placed on the Club's blog for everyone to review and comment.

May 16, 2016 - Lion Tina was the Club's program chairperson for todays meeting. Officers Jacob Kirk and Andrew McCullough spoke at our meeting today. These two Officers make up the Upland Police Department Community Resource Team. They had previously been assigned to the departments Crime Suppression organization. As the Community Resource Team they work with the homeless and needy citizens in Upland. There are over 200 homeless people in Upland and these two Officers work with local organizations to help those people in any way they can. During the past year they have helped place 39 homeless families in housing. They provided an extensive discussion regarding their activities and the resources in Upland providing aid. There is a serious problem with very well intended individuals and businesses donating food, clothing and other items for the homeless by simply dropping them off at Upland Memorial Park with no organizations to distribute the items. This drop off system creates more problems than it solves. There are three organizations in Upland working to assist the homeless. These groups are, The Homeless Advocate Group, The Ministry Committee and the Steak Holders (Local Businesses). These Groups meet regularly to address the homeless problems. On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 6:00 PM, the Advocate and Ministry Groups meet and  on the 3rd Tuesday, at 6:00 PM, the Steak Holder Group meets to discuss plans to assist the homeless. Officers Kirk and McCullough stated that anyone wishing information regarding their activities or information about how to help, could contact them through the Police Department.
Upland Police Officers Jacob Kirk and Andrew McCullough
Program Assignments For June, 2016:
June 6, 2016 - Monthly Board Meeting
June 20, 2016 - Lion Keith - Installation of 2016/2017 Club Officers

Lions Calendar of Events:
June 2 - 5 - Council of Governors Meeting - Redding
June 4 - Cucamonga District Host Fashion Show
June 11 - New Officer Training
June 24 - 28 - International Convention - Fukuoka, Japan

June 10 - Lion Michael
June 16 - Lion Keith

June 3 - Lions Joe and Arlene
June 4 - Lion Michael and Annette

Other Items Worthy of Mention:
On Saturday, May 21st The Upland Cooper Museum held their Annual Car Show Fund Raiser and had requested assistance from Upland host Lions to man the pancake breakfast concession for them. Four members of our Club participated and served over 100 pancake breakfasts. Lions participating were Lion Richard, Madeleine, Jim K., and Keith. The Car Show organizers were very appreciative for our support and asked that we participate in the Christmas Parade. The Car Show was much bigger than last year.

Lions Madeleine, Richard and Jim K.
Lions Jim K. and Richard
Lion Jim K.

This month we provided the last eye glasses of this school year for 10 Upland School children. Our Club committed to providing eye exams and new glasses to any needy child in the Upland School District and has committed $5,000 annually for this effort. To provide the exams and glasses for the final 10 children this year the Club donated $700.

On June 1st we presented Certificates Of Appreciation for Scholarship at Upland Jr. High and Pioneer Jr. High. The two top students, 1 boy and 1 girl, at each school receive the award and a small cash prize for their efforts. The Upland Host Lions has presented this award, at Upland Jr. High, every year since 1930.

Lion Tina reported on the status of preparations for this years Annual Fishbake. She had prepared sponsor letters, flyers and mini-flyers for Club members to use, as needed to promote sponsorships. Tickets will be available at our next meeting. We can start putting up our Fishbake signs on July 7th and they will stay up until August 8th. Permits have been obtained and all food procurement is on track.

Lion (Governor) Ken M. Reported that the District 4-L4/4-L5 combined convention was a huge success.

The Club voted to take on the Chaffey Community Center as an on going project and Club members will appear at the Center at 9:00 AM on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month to provide whatever service is needed. On Tuesday May 17th three Club members volunteered at the Center.

Upland Host Lions Made No Visitations During May, 2016

Next Meeting:
The Upland Host Lions next meeting will be held on June 6th at Maniac Mike's Café, at Cable Airport. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM. This will be our monthly Board Meeting. Once again, we will try to get the Club's group picture - PLEASE BE THERE. The snack will be provided by Lion Ken B.
Leaving You With A Smile:
Have A Great Month:

Bulletin Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2015/2016
Telephone: 909-240-7909

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