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Upland Host Lions Monthly Bulletin - August, 2015

Programs - August, 2015
August 3, 2015 - This was our Monthly Board Meeting. Minutes of that meeting were published on the Club's blog and made available to all Club Members for their review and comment. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the Minutes as presented.

August 17, 2015 - Lion Sang was the Club's Program Chairperson for this meeting and he had arranged for Upland Mayor Ray Musser to talk to us today.

Mayor Ray told us how he came to be in California. He and his wife were originally from the Pennsylvania Amish country. They went to high school together and sang with the high school musical groups. When he was still in high school Ray was asked to sing with a group at a local college. He said he was an Alto but the college needed a Tenor and he was told he could become a tenor if he would sing for them - which he did. Ray went into the service after high school and sang in musical groups when he was in the service. He was in California and the music professor from Upland College heard him sing asked him to come to Upland College, on a scholarship, and he and his high school sweetheart (now wife) decided to come to Upland and have been here ever since.

During the 1980's he met Ronald Reagan and after talking to him Ray became interested in politics. Since that time he has been involved in our community politics and is now the Mayor. He spoke briefly about the current status of Upland. He stated that Upland is a City that is real-estate rich but cash poor. He said the City owns the water company and many people and organizations have tried to get the City to sell the Water Company but so far the City has resisted. Ray said the City will have all its property paid for this year. He spoke highly of the new Deputy City Manager and stated the City knows financially where they are going. Building in the Colonies is still growing and there is a new restaurant planned to be developed soon in the area east of the ARCO service station and Ford of Upland will, also, soon relocate to the area north of the 210 Freeway. We enjoyed the Mayors talk/discussion very much as we have every time he has been a speaker at Upland Host Lions.
Mayor Ray Musser
Program Assignments For September, 2015
September 7, 2015 - Monthly Board Meeting

September 21, 2015 - Lion Madeleine (District Governor and Cabinet Members Visit)
Lions Calendar Of Events:
September 12th - Lions Camp At Teresita Pines Open House
September 15th - 17th USA Canada Forum Omaha Nebraska
September 17th - Huntington Beach Host Oktoberfest
September 21st - Governors Visit At Upland Host Lions
September 22nd - Saddleback Region Meeting
September 26th - Leo Leadership
September 28th - Orange Region Meeting
September 29th - Foothill Region Meeting
September 4th - Lion Jim K.
September 24th - Lion Beverly B.
September 28th - Lion Ernie
September 19th - Lion Don and Judy Spaulding

Other Items Worthy Of Mention:
On Friday August 7, 2015 our Club held it's 61st Annual Fishbake. Our Club Members and many volunteers spent many hours preparing, setting up and serving at our annual Fishbake. Everyone enjoyed the food and picnic atmosphere. The bottomless supply of corn always goes over well. Our total income from the Fishbake was $9,506.50 which will go a long way in our charitable giving.

Volunteers Shucking Corn
Setting Up

Ticket Sellers
The Ladies Setting The Tables


Governor Ken and John
The Serving Window

More Our Guests
Our Guests

Lion (District Governor) Ken M. briefly talked to us about "Upland Project Connect" which will be held at Upland Memorial Park on Wednesday, October 7, from 10AM to 3PM. The organizers are looking for volunteers to assist at the Park.
Governor Ken, also, talked to us about Lions Rose Float International Director's Dinner on December 30th at the Doubletree Inn on Rosemead. It will be $15.00 per person and held from 5:30PM to 7:30PM.
The Annual Calendar drawing fundraiser conducted by all the Club's in Foothill Region's Zone "A" will be held in October and the Calendars were passed out, at this meeting, to begin sales.

No visitations were made during August, 2015

Next Meeting:
Our next meeting will be the Monthly Board Meeting for September, 2015 and will be held on September 7, 2015. It will be at Maniac Mike's Café, 6:30 PM at Cable Airport. Dessert will be provided by Lion Tina.

Leaving You With A Smile:
Have a Great Month

Bulletin Writer/Editor/Publisher
Lion Keith Krumwiede
Club Secretary - 2015/2016
Telephone: 909-240-7909

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